attr_flags Struct Reference

#include <client.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int has_tag: 1
unsigned int unknown: 1
uint8_t encrypt
uint8_t length

Detailed Description

A set of flags which determine how the attribute should be handled.

Most attributes are "normal", and do not require special handling. However, some require "encryption", tagging, or have other special formats. This structure contains the various options for the attribute formats.

Field Documentation

uint8_t attr_flags::encrypt

Attribute encryption method

Referenced by nr_vp_free().

unsigned int attr_flags::has_tag

Attribute has an RFC 2868 tag

uint8_t attr_flags::length

The expected length of the attribute

Referenced by nr_packet_attr_append(), and nr_vp_init().

unsigned int attr_flags::unknown

Attribute is unknown

Referenced by nr_dict_attr_2struct().

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