Including Files

$INCLUDE filename

The $INCLUDE directive "includes" a file into the current location of the configuration files, with the contents of the file replacing the $INCLUDE directive. The filename parameter can be a filename or a directory name, as described below. with the following meanings:

  • filename

    • Include a new filename in the same directory as the current file.

  • subdir/filename

    • Include a new filename in the subdir directory of the current directory.

  • /path/to/filename

    • Include filename using the given absolute path.

  • directory/

    • Include all of the files in the given directory. Any "hidden" files (i.e., with a leading dot . in their name) are ignored. All other files are read, including common editor "backup" files, such as ones with a trailing ~ in their name.
      For that reason, this directive should be used with care.

The only limitation of $INCLUDE files is that a section cannot be split across multiple files.


$INCLUDE clients.conf
$INCLUDE sites-enabled/
$INCLUDE ${raddbdir}/foo/bar/baz