Built-in Modules

In some cases, it is useful to reject a request immediately or perform another action on it. The built-in modules can be used to perform these actions. These modules are named for the return codes given in the module section.

In practice, these modules are implemented by the always module and exist so that a success or failure can be forced during the processing of a policy.

The names and behaviours of these modules are given below:

  • fail

    • Causes the request to be treated as if a database failure had occurred.

  • noop

    • Do nothing. This also serves as an instruction to the configurable failover tracking that nothing was done in the current section.

  • ok

    • Instructs the server that the request was processed properly. This keyword can be used to over-ride earlier failures if the local administrator determines that the failures are not catastrophic.

  • reject

    • Causes the request to be immediately rejected.