We are network
access architects

Network access is all we do.

Our international team of network access architects and engineers is headed by founder and CEO Alan DeKok. We are the core of the same group that originally created the FreeRADIUS server in 1999 as an open-source project, and we still maintain that suite of tools to ensure new versions are regularly available from FreeRADIUS.org, with new features and capabilities to address rapidly changing technology.

20+ years experience

Since 1999, that original project has grown beyond the wildest imaginings of its founders, and has become the world’s most widely deployed RADIUS server due to its simplicity, flexibility, and astonishing performance compared to proprietary commercial RADIUS offerings.

Trusted industry experts

Along the way, a growing number of large, demanding Fortune-500 companies and Tier 1 Internet Service Providers have built their AAA systems around FreeRADIUS. And our team has increasingly been called on to design and customize solutions for such clients. That’s why we founded Network RADIUS.

Experts on call

While we remain committed to keeping FreeRADIUS free and open-source, our crack team provides professional services to Enterprise and ISP network managers around the globe. We provide network architecture consulting, custom module development, and ongoing support, among other services.

Meet the team

We are highly experienced

We are
Standards Members

We are active in the IETF, in the WiMAX forum, and in other standards bodies. We have written, co-authored, and reviewed multiple standards documents in the field.

We are

We have strong relationships with vendors of all major networking equipment, with whom we actively work to resolve issues.

We are

Our extensive background in RADIUS technology means we are familiar with and have solved most problems that can arise. We can deliver a solution much quicker than an average administrator.