FreeRADIUS resources

We are the company behind FreeRADIUS.

NetworkRADIUS sponsors FreeRADIUS development

As part of our sponsorship of the FreeRADIUS project, we have just released 4.0-alpha1. We provide packages, tools, debugging help and documentation for FreeRADIUS. We are sharing these with the community here.

FreeRADIUS packages

NetworkRADIUS provide software packages for popular Linux distributions such as RedHat and Ubuntu. Using these packages will mean your systems can be up-to-date with the most recent release of FreeRADIUS, rather than having to wait for your operating system distribution to provide updates, or compiling from source.

FreeRADIUS source is available from

RADIUS performance testing

It is critical that RADIUS deployments are able to cope with demand. Our RadPerf software can load test a RADIUS server at varying rates. This gives you the knowledge to be able to scale your system appropriately.

See more on our RadPerf page.

Cardboard packing boxes
Ring-bound documents

NetworkRADIUS is sponsoring FreeRADIUS documentation

People new to RADIUS should start at the main page of the documentation. It describes the components of a RADIUS system such as NAS, Access Point, RADIUS server, database, etc. We have also written a Technical Guide that documents how FreeRADIUS works. Understanding the basic concepts is key to creating a working configuration.

FreeRADIUS is very powerful. With the Unlang policy language there are infinite ways of configuring it. This means that new documentation is always being required to make concepts simpler to understand.

NetworkRADIUS is pushing the Open Source project forward with new documentation. Some of that is available below.