Our proprietary RADIUS client library

We have a proprietary client library available for licensing. It is designed to be used in embedded systems, where resources are limited. The library builds on over a decade of RADIUS experience to create a system that is simple, feature-rich, and portable.


  • Simple, secure, easy API
  • RFC compatible
  • Full source provided
  • Embedded
  • Completely customizable
  • Portable to all systems
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  • Full send/receive API
  • Retransmissions are handled automatically
  • Full callback system for integration into application event system
  • Abstraction of sockets
  • Portable to any POSIX system


  • Customized at build time
  • Contain only the needed attributes
  • Do not need initialization at run time
  • Are statically linked into the library
  • Abstraction of sockets
  • Full VSA support
  • Compatible with FreeRADIUS dictionary


  • Full support for all attributes
  • Encrypted attributes are handled automatically


  • Full source code is provided
  • Can be used without any memory allocation
  • Can be used without any C library functions