Network access for staff, students, and guests

eduroam, WiFi, Active Directory

Universities have a unique set of requirements for network access.

Once every hour or so, tens of thousands of students close their laptops, move classrooms, and reconnect to the WiFi infrastructure. This enormous load can cause issues for RADIUS systems.

There are no simple guides to designing the right system. The options get more complex when systems like Active Directory is involved, which has limited performance. A straight-forward design can quickly result in overloaded Active Directory infrastructure, and students who cannot get online.

Please read our RADIUS for Universities article, which explains the unique issues seen by universities, and the solutions that we offer.

University-focused experience

Our team has built RADIUS systems for many universities across the world. We design components which allow existing systems to assist a high-performance RADIUS server, without requiring changes to their core functionality. The result is a system which has minimal impact on the network, and maximum stability and performance.

We can help design different policies for staff and students. Our team can also help with eduroam integration.

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