We help with all aspects of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

RADIUS is the core of our business. We have world-leading experience with the protocol. We can help you with all aspects of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting.

That isn’t all. Our expertise is with RADIUS systems, not just the basic RADIUS server. This means that we have an extensive background in SQL, LDAP, Active Directory, 802.1X, and any related technology, protocol, or server implementation.

When we design a RADIUS system, we design the entire ecosystem surrounding the RADIUS server. Any and all interactions with NASes, home servers, databases, scripts, etc., are all up for review and discussion.

With over a million (1,000,000) deployments of our product, we can confidently state that we produce the market-leading RADIUS server. No other vendor – Microsoft, Cisco, or Juniper – can make that same claim.