Client Case Study: Performance

Installing a basic RADIUS and SQL server is easy, making it perform well over time requires an expert’s touch

A case study on how we redesigned our client’s system to improve the RADIUS server’s database, which had lost performance over time. The database performance was restored, even with ten times the amount of data, and our client did not need to replace any systems.

Project description

Our customer had installed a basic RADIUS server with an SQL database backend. After a few months, the system slowed down to an unacceptable performance level.

How we solved it

Our approach

We redesigned the customer’s system to increase the efficiency of the RADIUS server’s database use. We added tables and indices and updated the RADIUS SQL queries to use the new system. We lowered the load on the SQL server by a factor of 400, which meant that the customer could continue using their existing systems, instead of replacing them.

The results

The final system regained the performance level that the customer had originally seen. It retained that performance level even with ten times as much data in the SQL database as before.