radiusd -X

Helping you make sense of the FreeRADIUS debug output

The FreeRADIUS debug output may contain hundreds of lines of text.

This utility simplifies debugging by highlighting only the important lines of text from the “radiusd -X” output. All error messages appear in red highlight and all warning messages appear in yellow.

The form below will return a colorized HTML version of a submitted text-based FreeRADIUS debug log.

An insect bug

Using the Form

  1. Run FreeRADIUS in debugging mode with output re-directed to a file:
    $ radiusd -X > debug.txt
  2. Send test packets, and then wait a few seconds.
  3. Stop the server (CTRL-C), then paste the contents of the debug.txt file into the form below.

Please note:

  1. For privacy reasons this form does not support file uploads.
  2. You may alternatively run the FreeRADIUS server in debugging mode in a terminal, and then cut and paste the output from the terminal into the form below.
  3. While measures are in place to ensure your privacy (the submitted data is stored only in memory, never on disk), the submitted debug output may contain private information. If you do not want to share this information, then do not submit the form.

Paste the “radiusd -X” debug output into the form below:

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